Introducing RhinestoneWorx™

The Most Advanced, Easy to Use, Rhinestone Design
Software Anywhere!

RhinestoneWorx™ was developed by Inc. to be the single most effective way to take absolutely any artwork in virtually any form and turn it into a stunning nailhead or rhinestone design in minutes!

RhinestoneWorx™ is 100% Microsoft Vista compatible, a benefit to you that no other Rhinestone design software offers. It means perfect compatibility and no headaches. RhinestoneWorx™ is derived from the world’s most powerful 3D CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Machining) software.

RhinestoneWorx™ is available in most languages and there are extensive, effective and detailed help files in those languages. Few software packages in this price range can boast such practical and useful help files. It comes in handy when training new staff how to use RhinestoneWorx™.

RhinestoneWorx™ has Unique and comprehensive
functions that are intuitive, easy to learn and
boost your productivity like never before!

Just like a graphic designer, the user can allow full expression of their creativity and imagination thanks to advanced CAD functions such as specialized text mode, powerful drawing tools, great alignment functions and more… With the help of a simple scanner, RhinestoneWorx™ reproduces designs and logos onto the screen, ready to be retouched and modified intuitively and accurately. A wide array of efficient tools are at your disposal to help you create designs rapidly.

The basic module comes with libraries of over 5000 symbols and typographic characters (TrueType and single-line fonts). Once created, your design can be output for your Permaboss Libero™ nailhead machine!

No matter how complicated the drawing or starting artwork is,
RhinestoneWorx™ calculates the optimal line paths, manages collisions of stones, and takes every detail of contours and angles into account so that you have the best base line work to start with.

Some simple yet powerful features are:

Professional Text Mode
Use automatic text adjustment function and instantly modify the typographic parameters you wish (height, kerning, size, choice of TrueType or single-line fonts).

Benefit: This is the fastest way to create words or phrases from scratch. Makes RhinestoneWorx™ as effective as typing in your word processor except that you can turn your typing into a design in seconds!

Scan & Vectorization(World’s First for Crystal Design Software)
Whether black and white or color, in centerline or contours, colors can be merged and selected before being traced. Node Mode allows instant and intuitive retouching.

Benefit: Take a poor quality fax, picture, low resolution web graphic or worse and RhinestoneWorx™ will turn it into a near perfect vector file ready to accept stones, nailhead, crystals, studs, stars or half pearls.

Duplication tools
Numerous duplication tools are available: on a curve, in a matrix, with or without rotation. An effortless function for accurate reproduction of any artwork file you have to work with regardless of how poor the original may be to work with!

Benefit: This is especially handy when working with custom phrases or words. This feature alone will literally save you hours a week in design work!

Measurement/Alignment/Transformation tools
RhinestoneWorx™ offers high-performing tools to measure, resize and align any object, distance, bounding box, stone count, etc .

Benefit: First of all you will be able to design freely but have the ability to enhance any part of your design so that it is congruent, level, round, square, or equally spaced. in other words, create stunning designs in a way no other program on the planet can do as fast, easily and effectively as RhinestoneWorx™.

A very useful function for creating copies within a design with variable spacing, plotting lines, material optimization, etc.

Benefit: For those of you who want to be creative and not just do corporate logos, words and animals. You can create stunning visual designs that are otherwise not humanly possible. The power of RhinestoneWorx™ allows you to be artistically creative!

RhinestoneWorx™ is easy to learn, powerful to use

It allows the user to express themselves artistically and better than with any other design tool on the market.Not even Corel, Adobe, IntelliCAD or others have as powerful and functional tools for cleanup,vectorizing and designing.Because RhinestoneWorx™ was derived from user needs and experience it is the premier design tool for this industry.

Available in two versions: Professional and Expert. All Professional level users have the Expert functions available to them for 30 days. You can upgrade at any time without penalty.

The only software to read and open DST embroidery files
so you can create multimedia designs fast!

The file formats accepted are:



Create a New Design in 9 Minutes or Less
Even Using Low Resolution Artwork

Step 1

Obtain the original artwork from the client. In this case it was a small low
quality jpeg taken from the client’s website. The important point is that you will get poor quality, low resolution, copies of faxes that are scanned, and tiny logoson business cards. You will have to deal with them quickly in order to make your art department a profit center instead of being just more overhead.

RhinestoneWorx™ will also give you the opportunity to quote realistic designs FAST. Faster than a competitor, that’s for sure!

Here it is close up.

Notice how the logo looks close-up in the picture below. Not even CorelDraw®, Adobe Illustrator®, or any other software for that matter can vectorize images as well as RhinestoneWorx™, but more importantly, in a manner that is effective and useful for making nailhead and rhinestone designs with!
FACT: The better the quality of your baselines the easier and more stunning
your output will be!

Step 2

Import the jpeg into RhinestoneWorx™ and with the click of the mouse it
traces over each letter with a single line. Notice how RhinestoneWorx™ even judges the best path for your baseline. This baseline will be the part that
receives the stones.

The better your baselines, the better your end design will look. This is the key to proportionate, consistent and stunning designs.

Step 3

Apply the stones to the lines; they are automatically spaced evenly for minimal manual adjustment.

Step 4

The final result… RhinestoneWorx™ displays both the number of elements
used in the design (for quoting and billing purposes) and the time invested
in the design. It is now ready to output to the Permaboss Libero™
Rhinestone Setting Machine.